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  • More performant than Facebook or LinkedIn ads

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PostApex has been a fantastic tool in our marketing arsenal to reach new audiences with ease.

Omar A.

Senior Marketing Executive

Why email advertising is awesome

Reach millions of people

Our email newsletter network spans across hundreds of publications reaching millions of subscribers

Ads are native and unintrusive

Adverts blend seamlessly into the email reading experience looking like it was always meant to be there

Email ads are cheaper

Advertisers can set their own cost-per-click (CPC) price

Better results and more performant

Email ads perform far better when compared to other social media advertising such as Facebook, and aren’t blocked by traditional ad blockers or tracking restrictions

Tara Sehgal

Advertising Director

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How it works


Create your ad campaign or upload your email newsletter


Using thousands of data points we auto-match ads to newsletters


Ad units are deployed over our email newsletter network


Real time analytics and performance data is made available

What you get

Your home for everything email advertising


View your real-time ad data across campaigns and newsletters


Create and manage your campaigns at scale


Add your newsletter to our network and manage ads


View commission, purchases, withdrawals and add funds

Ad Management

Efficiently manage multiple adverts and campaigns


Personalised guides, tools and templates

Why we’re different

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