Email Advert Targeting

Multidimensional targeting allows your ad to only be shown to the relevant audiences
How it works

The smartest email ad server. Ever.

Advert creation

When you first create your advert and specify your targeting, it is queued for moderation by our team and approved within 24 hours.

Campaign analysis

Our system benchmarks your advert against 1000s of data points from past campaigns to ensure optimal allocation.

Initial allocation

Our AI takes your targeting requirements and the campaign analysis to suggest newsletters to allocate your advert to.

Ramp up

Once the initial allocation is complete and some performance data is returned, your advert will be allocated more widely across the network.


Your advert performance is continuously monitored to ensure optimal placement, and any refinement to the allocations done.

AI-powered advert matching

Our AI understands the audience you're trying to target and adjusts the advert allocation accordingly.
Targeting accuracy


This involves targeting ads to people in specific geographical locations, such as cities, states, or countries.


This involves targeting people based on their interests, such as sports, fashion, or technology.


This involves targeting ads to people of a specific age range, such as 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, etc.


This involves targeting ads to people based on the languages they speak, read and write.

Gender mix

This involves targeting ads to people of a specific gender, such as male or female.


This involves targeting people based on their online behavior, such as the websites they visit or the searches they conduct.

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