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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is Cost-per-click (CPC) advertising?
Cost-per-click (CPC) is a paid advertising model where an advertiser pays a fixed cost to a newsletter owner for every click on their ad. This model rewards newsletters owners based on the number of subscribers that click on ad units in their email newsletters.

1. Advertiser sets CPC price they are willing to pay

2. They also upload their campaign details, goals and ad copy

3. Newsletters selects the ad campaign to publish from one of the self-service ready-to-go adverts available to them

4. Click metrics are tracked uniquely across campaigns and payment is calculated on ongoing performance
How do I run an email advert?
Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive access to your unique tracking URL, ad copy and graphics/artwork. You can immediately start populating your newsletters with these ad units and will get access to a dashboard to track your earnings and metrics.
What format do email ads come in?
You’ll receive several types of ads for each Advertiser you’re approved to run ad units for:

Logo: Incorporate the brand logo however you like

Small Graphic: In partnership with [Brand name] (Height: 60px)

Medium Graphic: Brand logo and CTA ad copy (600px x 100px)

Large Graphic: Brand logo and CTA ad copy (600px x 180px)

Free Text: Ad copy free text you can integrate and style into your newsletter
Which adverts can I run?
We don’t recommend running more than two Email Ads simultaneously, however you can cycle adverts across multiple campaigns to ensure maximum exposure and wide variety for your audiences.

Please note, we take great care in ensuring that the Email Ads are only displayed on newsletters with relevant audiences, so you might not be approved to run all the ads we have on our network.
How do you prevent click spamming?
Click spamming occurs if a user repeatedly clicks a link in succession. We have software that detects this and will block those clicks from being registered.

We also maintain global IP address blacklists to ensure clicks come from genuine real users.

To learn more about how we protect against click spam, please contact us.
How do I get paid?
As a publisher, your earnings are calculated in real-time giving you precise insights on exactly how much you are making on your newsletters running Email Ads. We aggregate your click rate data daily and your balance will be available immediately in your Wallet.
What if I already have paid sponsorships?
You are welcome to run our email ads alongside other paid sponsorships.
How can I see how much I've earned/spent in running ads?
Your Dashboard shows a real-time view of your balance and you can see aggregated click data. Your balance is made available to you in your Wallet and you are able to easily add funds directly from there.

The Campaign pages show your budget allocation and amount spent on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

The Newsletter Dashboard shows how much commission you have earnt from running ads in your email newsletter.
How do I create an advertising campaign?
Once you’ve logged into your account, click Create Campaign to start a new advertising campaign. You can specify your budget, target demographics, categories, tags, age range, location and set your bid CPC price.
How much does it cost?
PostApex is completely free to use for advertisers and publishers. There are no fees to creating campaigns, adding your newsletter or using any of the tools on our platform. Please see our pricing page for more information.
How do I upload my newsletter to the ad network?
Once you’ve logged into your account, navigate to Add Newsletter to upload your newsletter information to the ad network. You’ll be able to detail out all the specifics of your newsletter, including subscriber numbers, CTR and subscriber demographics. You can add an unlimited number of newsletters to your account, for free.
How do you generate revenue?
As a platform we have a variable spread between the CPC price and commission rate that ranges between 0.05 and 0.3 per dollar.
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