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The team at PostApex made it super easy to execute a scalable newsletter ad campaign. Having run ads in over 100 newsletters, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to coordinate dates, coffee, reporting, and UTM tracking codes. PostApex made all of that a breeze. I’ll certainly be using them going forward.

Max B.
Founder, Growth Daily

PostApex has been a huge asset in helping us to monetize our weekly newsletter. We've been able to find relevant ads that are useful to our audience and have high payouts. The platform is easy to use and the implementation of the ads is flexible so it's become a no-brainer for us to work together given the revenue we've been able to generate.

Auston Matta
Founder, Two Bad Tourists

ApexPost has been an immediate success so far! We’ve been able to add an additional revenue stream to our business through their ad platform. Their team has been super helpful and responsive.

Brandon Dendas
Co-Founder, IndieGetup

I've enjoyed using PostApex for three different newsletters that I run and the process has been smooth. Support is very quick to respond when necessary and the results of running the native ads campaigns have been good. Overall it's a great way to fill unsold ad inventory in a seamless manner within each newsletter's unique design.

Louis Lazaris
CEO, Lazarpress

I've been using PostApex for a few months now and I think it perfectly solves for a long-standing gap in the newsletter market. I love their pay-per-click approach because it's easy, fast, and profitable to run. When we use PostApex links in our newsletter, we can guarantee that we'll get paid well. It's perfect for when we have a gap between advertisers and need to fill it last minute. Right now our dashboard shows about a dozen advertisers available for us to pick from!

Branden Harvey
Founder & CEO, Good Good Good

Among the things I value most about PostApex is the flexibility it grants publishers. The freedom to choose advertisers and schedules that best meet our inventory, and the permission to style ads to meet any format...and you have a neat way to augment publisher income.

Charlie Meyerson
Author, Chicago Public Square

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