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You will get a list of ads that you pick from, and you can style the advert into your newsletter as you see fit.

View your approved ad units

Your dashboard shows all the adverts your newsletter is approved to run

Insert ad links and creatives

Insert the ad tracking links, style the copy and creatives into your newsletter

Deploy your ads and view stats

Once your newsletter is published you’ll see real-time tracking updates

Get paid on time, every time

Your wallet stores all your commission for you to redeploy or withdraw

Your publisher tools

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See what devices your subscribers are using when interacting with ads


Anonymised geolocation data is also available for your perusal

Ad Revenue

View your real-time ad data across campaigns and newsletters


View your commission, redeploy on your own ads or withdraw
What makes us unique

Key features

Real-time metrics

View real-time stats in your advertiser dashboard and see how your advert is performing.

Ad fraud blocking

Our fraud engine stops bad actors, bots, crawlers, Tor, VPN users and much more in real-time from clicking on ads.

Performance based ads

Never pay for impressions on an advert. We only charge advertisers for traffic that actually visits their website.

AI targeting

Our AI-powered matching algorithm understands how to optimise advert allocation based on targeting.
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Passive ad income

A new way to seamlessly monetize your newsletter

Publishers using our solution have seen huge gains in latent ad revenue.
Gain in ad revenue from CPC ads compared to CPM ads
Increase in ad click through from native style ad placements

We have been using PostApex for the last couple of months. The team is great and the support has been incredible. If you’re a newsletter writer, this is the place for you to monetize it.

Rishikesh Shari
Founder & Author, 10+1 Things
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