How do I integrate Native Ads into my email newsletter?

Login to your account and then head to Adverts -> Native Ads

Click Open Advert to view the advert components:

  • Tracking link
  • Advert creative
  • Advert copy

Copy the tracking link, the advert copy and download the advert creatives.

Insert these into your email service provider (e.g. Mailchimp), styling the advert to match your regular newsletter content.

Make sure you connect the tracking link to the advert correctly.

How do I see the advert performance and how much I get paid?

To see the performance of the ads you've run, you can log into your PostApex dashboard.

Once you log in to your dashboard, you'll be able to view real-time data on how the ads are performing, including metrics such as impressions, clicks, click-through rates, and revenue earned. You can also view reports that provide insights into which ad creatives and placements are driving the best results, allowing you to optimize your campaigns for better performance.

In addition to the PostApex dashboard, you may also be able to view ad performance data from your email service provider (ESP). It's essential to regularly review and analyze your ad performance data to ensure you're maximizing your revenue and delivering the best possible user experience to your subscribers.

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