How do I integrate Programmatic Ads into my email newsletter?

Login to your account and then head to Adverts -> Programmatic Ads

Click Open Advert and you'll then see two different ad sizes. A long banner ad (600x150) or a medium sized ad (300x150).

Copy one, or both of the below snippets and paste them into your newsletter provider. You can alter the styling of the advert to match your regular newsletter content.

Make sure you paste the code snippets correctly.

Go to your ESP and paste the HTML snippet into your newsletter. You might need to use the code block if your ESP supports a drag and drop builder. Here's an example from Mailchimp.

Once the advert is inserted and you can see it rendering, you can publish the advert as usual. The clicks from the advert will display automatically in your dashboard in real-time. Commission earnings may have a slight delay as we aggregate earnings data from various sources and feed it back into your dashboard.

How much can I earn running Programmatic Ads?

The amount you can earn from running programmatic ads in your email newsletter depends on several factors, such as your newsletter's audience size, engagement rates, and the demand for ad inventory in your niche.

Programmatic ads use real-time bidding (RTB) to determine ad prices, meaning that advertisers bid against each other for the available ad inventory. Ad prices can fluctuate depending on the demand and supply of ad inventory, as well as the competition among advertisers.

In general, programmatic ads tend to generate higher revenue than traditional display ads, as they are optimized to display relevant and targeted ads to your audience. According to some industry reports, programmatic ads can generate CPM rates (cost per thousand impressions) ranging from $2 to $15 or more, depending on the factors mentioned above.

To maximize your earnings from programmatic ads, focus on growing and engaging your newsletter audience, optimizing your ad placement and targeting, and keeping an eye on the ad performance and revenue reports.

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