What is the PostApex Ad Fraud Engine?

The PostApex Ad Fraud Engine is a real-time, multidimensional ad fraud prevention system that is designed to protect advertisers from fraudulent and non-human traffic. The system uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to identify and block bots, crawlers, and other bad actors before they can interact with an ad.

The Ad Fraud Engine includes several features to ensure that ads are only shown to real, engaged users. These features include:

  1. Bot blocking: The Ad Fraud Engine prevents access to all known and unknown bots from accessing ads.
  2. Crawler blocking: The system stops headless user agents and crawlers before they can act on an ad.
  3. Spam prevention: PostApex performs real-time geolocation checking, IP address verification, and other checks to stop all bad actors.
  4. DDoS prevention: The system has IP limiting at a server level as standard to stop distributed denial of service attacks.

By using the Ad Fraud Engine, advertisers can be confident that their ads are being seen by real people, reducing the risk of ad fraud and ensuring that they are getting the best return on their advertising investment.

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