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The Rise Of Substack And How Subscription Email Newsletters Has Become A Thing

Do you love the opportunity to express yourself via the written word? In what manner did you create this? Does anybody ever advise you to attempt monetizing your talents?

Do you love the opportunity to express yourself via the written word? In what manner did you create this? Does anybody ever advise you to attempt monetizing your talents?  Do you ignore them because you don't know where to begin or because you don't have the time to devote to doing volunteer work that isn't paid? 

As a result, many individuals begin their journey by producing free material for newsletters or blog articles on their websites. In today's world, it appears as everyone is starting a newsletter. As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, readership and writership at newsletter platform Substack have grown by more than thrice in the first three months.

A huge part of it is because people now have more free time, so they're reading more or beginning the writing projects they've meant to start. Some authors and journalists, including former Protocol reporter Levi Sumagaysay, former BuzzFeed reporter Alex Kantrowitz, and even The Wall Street Journal, use Substack to create newsletters and develop their following.

What Is Substack?

For authors, journalists, and content producers, Substack is an email newsletter service that makes it easy for them to stay connected. It was designed to assist self-employed artists in generating revenue from their work by way of newsletters.

Subscribers to a newsletter may purchase Substack subscriptions directly from the newsletter owner, eliminating the need for an advertiser on the website or freelance writing work. Using Substack, you can quickly build and run a website, pay for subscription management, and construct a funnel for readers to access some free material while restricting access to the entire, all in exchange for them subscribing to read it.

Because it's simple to use, newsletter authors can get started right away. It's free for writers to utilize to share their work with their audience. Subscribers will be charged a 10 percent fee if you create a paid newsletter using Substack's platform.

In addition, Substack provides an 8-week mentoring program. In a series of exclusive virtual meetings, some of Substack's best authors participate in discussions on the creative process, community development, and monetization of their work.

How To Get Started: Set-Up Procedure

When you initially sign up for Substack, you'll get a list of Publications, including popular articles and newsletters. In Substack, when you click Publish, two Get Started icons appear. Click one of them to get started.

  • Choose A Niche

The most popular Substack emails often focus on only one topic: China, global warming, or productivity. However, there is no prerequisite to be concerned if you do not want to focus on a particular topic. Some well-known newsletters include writers displaying their work.

  • Create A Mailing List

Now that you decide what you want to write about, it's time to build your Substack. To begin, select a web address where your newsletter archives will be located. From there, you may experiment with a slew of other settings, including who is allowed to post comments.

  • Get Down To Work And Start Writing

Creating your newsletter is now the fun part! With Substack's built-in word processor, writing and formatting posts is a breeze! You also will be able to contain multimedia content like pictures, videos, and audio files n your newsletter.

  • Remember Why Your Audience Is There To See You

Set creative objectives and organize your content to meet them. Don't send a newsletter about pet care if yours is about magic.

  • Abide By A Set Of Guidelines

Create an editorial schedule and write your articles according to it to prepare your material in advance. Your audience will like the suspense, which keeps them engaged.

  • The Word Should Be Disseminated

Check to see whether people are familiar with your newsletter. Existing email connections, such as friends and family members interested in monitoring your professional development, may be included in the platform. 

Posting your newsletter on social media, advertising online, or interacting with other newsletter authors are all ways to cross-promote your newsletter.

Why Substack As A Platform Is Better

Here are some reasons why Substack is better than other platforms.

  • Easy-To-Use User Interface

There are a lot of blogging platforms out there, and many of them offer a really attractive user experience. Most people have heard of Medium, and they heavily advertise to authors in this way. The user interface of Substack, on the other hand, is quite comparable and also very basic.

  • Involve With Your Audience On A Personal Level

Most free blogging services act as a mediator between you and your readers. It is feasible to have thousands of followers, but the platform does not provide its authors any way to contact their followers.

Inability to interact with your audience is a huge detriment for a professional writer. By serving as a publisher for material and an email list manager, Substack addresses this issue for authors. Substack makes it very simple for authors to gather email. As a result, authors are given complete creative freedom.

  • Easy Monetization

Substack makes it simple for authors to charge readers regularly for access to their Substack newsletters. A straightforward Substack signup form entices readers. To make their work monetizable, the author has to connect their Stripe account. 

As soon as you get a payment from Substack, you'll be paid within one or two days. With no minimum payment requirements, Substack is an attractive option for authors.

  • The platform That Is Completely Free To Use

Writers who sign up for a Substack account have access to a variety of free publishing options. A content management system (CMS) enables writers to produce email newsletters, connect Stripe payments, and host a website containing free and subscriber-only material for subscribers.

All of these tools are difficult to come across on a single publishing platform. Substack integrates these capabilities neatly into a single platform and gives them out completely free of charge to authors.

Using Substack For Email Marketing: What You Need To Know

First, determine whether a free or premium membership plan is best for your business when utilizing Substack for email marketing.

  • Get Free Substack Newsletters With No Registration Required

A practical method to reach the greatest number of people is by offering a free newsletter. Your prospective consumers may get this and take action by clicking on the links, which may contain discount codes or other incentives to help you make more money. Starting with a free newsletter gives you the option to switch to a paid subscription later or utilize both.

  • Substack's Paid Options

From $5/month to $75/month, Substack's paid subscription emails are available. You have the freedom to publish as frequently as you want, but subscribers will weigh your price and content before making a purchase. To a great extent, the paid content on the site is generated via the efforts of well-known experts or personalities in their respective fields.

Opinion articles, journalism, and collections of short stories are all types of newsletters you may find. The use of paid newsletters is an excellent choice for premium material on your site that goes into more depth than other information provided for free. 

Consumers are unlikely to pay $7 a month for sales information even if your brand is highly personal. It is because people are not inclined to pay for information that they don't need anyway.


When it comes to emerging trends, Substack is at the forefront. Major IT companies, on the other hand, are considering entering the paid newsletter market. Substack views itself as a hands-off, impartial platform, similar to the most popular social networks. 

However, it uses monetary incentives to entice new authors, gives legal assistance, and disseminates material through the internet and email. It's a brilliant and successful strategy for connecting with potential customers and building a loyal fan base on the internet.

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Published on
May 22, 2023

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